dr hab. Piotr Ciżkowicz, prof. at SGH

Member of the Management Board


Member of the Board of Luma Investment. He is a qualified econometrician. He obtained the doctorate alongside professor Leszek Balcerowicz. He efficiently combines mathematics, statistics and economics to analyse the processes taking place in a company, an industry and the whole economy. For many years, Piotr Cizkowicz has been giving lectures at SGH and is engaged in research work.

Substantive knowledge translates perfectly to the practice, which he gained in banks, consulting firms and government. He managed the systems of the big data class to create independently financial applications and controlling models in Kredyt Bank SA and the Polish National Bank. He took part in the meetings of the Monetary Policy Council and the NBP Management Board as an expert in the field of public finance. He was an expert in many teams from different industries, acquiring general knowledge about them and translating it into the financial language.

In 2008-2012, he worked with Ernst & Young, where he served as Director of the Better Government Program and Chief Economist. There he implemented projects related to economic advisory with an annual budget of more than 2 million PLN. He created a team of start-up experts, which conducted extensive studies on current macroeconomic topics and prospects of development of the Polish economy and the CEE region.  Piotr is an interdisciplinary manager, which is confirmed by the analysis and projects for various sectors of the economy. He has reviewed, among others: wind power industry, ownership transformation in Poland and Europe, special economic zones, higher education, health care in Poland, and politics of CO2 emissions trading.

In 2012, Piotr Ciżkowicz became a Member of the Board of PKP SA   – supervisory company of PKP Group. His skills of analytical approach to a complex series of processes and projects, and team-building skills allowed him to succeed in many fields.  At that time PKP Group consisted of 13 companies, employing 85 thousand employees and held 100 thousand real estate. Piotr Ciżkowicz’s responsibilities included coordination and supervision of a comprehensive change of management method and structure of the PKP Group.

Managerial skills have been proven in the areas of strategic management. Major projects, which have been completed successfully, are focused on improving the quality of passenger service – related to, among others, modernization of approx. 100 railway stations with a total value of over 1 billion PLN , the introduction of hundreds of initiatives to increase the comfort and safety of passengers (including putting into operation of 60 Pendolino, Flirt and Dart trains). One of the effects was the increase in the number of passengers of PKP Intercity by 35%. In addition, Piotr Ciżkowicz has implemented PKP property sales program with a total value of more than billion, and  established an investment company with a target portfolio of projects worth more than EUR 8 billion in order to manage held assets efficiently. An efficient real estate management has brought company both savings and income, thanks to cooperation with the world’s biggest developers. Implemented by Piotr Ciżkowicz system of management by objectives and process management (lean management)  have improved the realisation of strategic measures and impacted the growth of revenue of PKP Group companies.  Restructuring measures led to an increase in dividends of more than 90 million PLN during his tenure. With the introduction of centralization of support functions and creation of a purchasing team for the Group, PKP generated cost savings of 190 million PLN.